Worked with a girl this summer, oblivious to that fact that she was interested, finally agreed to go out and have a few drinks with her and friends. Sealed the deal the first night. She left for school a few days later, and wasn't able to hang out before she left..schedule conflicts

She initiated texting me about a week later, I just tried to make her laugh the whole time and it worked...was getting haha/lol's and emoticons in most texts. This went on for a few weeks...BUT we started to text more and more often, and I began to realize I was becoming to available...started getting some mixed signals

Like delayed text responses/less initiating..but then she suggested that I call or offered to call me, (something new, we usually just texted) multiple times in short time frame recently (3-5 days), when I did, of course VM, no callback. Gave busy excuse..I just picked on her about it. I eventually asked her if she wanted me to give her some space to get caught up with school, she agreed, and offered to call me as soon as she got back ahead...possibly legit, but my gut is saying lowered interest level

I have given her radio silence for about a week, should I re engage light and funny in another week, wait for her to contact, or lay groundwork on the waitress who gave my her number on Thursday?