So, I met a hot girl whilst on a night out and now to skip all the details here are the important points.

Attraction was built, she gave me many IOI's etc.
Gave me her number,
Agreed to play tennis sometime,
After getting her number, she asked me if i was asking her out, again i didn't really know what to say.

She ended up walking me back to my apartment, where we stopped off somewhere, (piano in a shed).

The tension built, i knew id have to kiss her soon so I used the Evolution Phase Shift. I ended up woosing out half way after biting her elbow, when she wouldn't bite me back.
Anyway, she ended up thinking that I'm a weirdo cos without kissing the phase shift just looks like a strange ritual.
I text her soon after "night weirdo" to try to reverse roles but all she sent back was "ditto".

Is it Resurrect-able, what should i do?