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    Default Got a Day 2 tomorrow! Shopping mall. Tips and Strategies.

    Met this girl at a club the other week. Danced with her.. got her number.. could have probably gotten the kiss but think her friend was getting judgemental about younger guys.. so left it. Interacted with her intermittently on text. Flirted with her. Then nothing for a few days. Then she texts me back saying she finished her exams. Blah blah, i didn't want to converse over text so i'm like lets discuss this when we meet next. She asks me if i'm free on the weekend. She was like dinner or movie.. don't mind. I'm thinking wow so creative and fun, fark that. Not one of those dates again lol. So i'm meeting her at this shopping mall near my town. Gonna meet her there like a couple hours before it shuts so we're not there 7 farking hours.. and so that i can take her back to mine possibly. This place has like the usual big name variety stores like kmart. The fact that she wanted to go see a movie suggests to me that shes interested in some private time. But before we are stationary in one place, i'm going to need to heat things up and get her having fun and laughing initially.. What are some good ideas to escalate with her and get her wanting it so i can possibly take her back to mine. Just like fun sh1t to do in a shopping mall complex. And how should i sorta start off.. i don't want to meet her and then talk about boring sh1t like 'how was the drive?' for the first 20 minutes until something pops up. I'm guna get her to help me look for some another set of bed sheets but i don't want that to be too boring either. what are some good ideas to get her involved?

    Also, I don't know much about this girl apart from the fact that she's been like a trainee school counselor and she knows sign language. So what are some good off the bat ways to get into conversation with her?
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