Ok so basically im an extreme newbie. never had a relationship. i had been reading up on some PUA Material in preparation for university. I moved into my flat only to find that one of my flatmates was extremely attractive.

She gets alot of attention from guys and has mostly guy friends but we just clicked right off the bat. She trusts me and tells me things that people close to her dont know.

In my eyes shes about a 9 but to others shes probably a 6 or 7.
Anyway she told me she liked me and i reciprocated, i said i liked her too.
One time i was in my room whilst she had friends over and she walked into my room whilst i was in bed. climbed in, put her leg over me and started asking why i wasnt out with her and her friends. I Said id come out and we both said we liked each other again but this time she said that because we were flatmates we cant be together but then told me that she wasnt planning on hooking up with anyone tonight which confused me.

Later that night she said she wanted to talk about our feelings the next day.
One of her guy friends stayed over (but not like that) and he stuck around for most of the next day. we were all planning on going out that night but i wasnt feeling too great so i bailed. i text her later that night asking if we could speak about what we had said the night before and after about an hour she text back that it wasnt going to happen and she doesnt want to feel uncomfortable.

For about a week or so she was quiet. Since then weve got a great friendship going on and ive learnt that when i said i liked her that she was talking to her ex about getting back together. He didnt like the idea and she was upset so she went home for the weekend. after that weekend she was really happy and was hanging around me alot. she was alot more open and if shes been out with friends she wakes me up when she gets in and we sit and talk for hours.But she sends me mixed signals alot like asking for back rubs and telling me thats the way to her heart or being really cheeky or even coming in my room and lying on my bed whilst im working.

F.Y.I. She has hooked up with guys but nothing more than ONS. Recently she met some guy and has been texting him. he seems creepily desperate but she seems into it and she always tells me about his texts. i dont know if shes serious with it or if shes teasing though.

Im basically looking for advice on how to handle this.
Should i try again or should i wait it out and see what happens. like i say we live together but we get on so so well and i really want to be with her.
Being a rookie i have no idea where to start.

Help a brother out?