I would post this in the relationship part but i currently don't have the power to. If any admin could move this thread that would be great, thanks.

Right i'm currently seeing a girl at uni we met up about 5 weeks ago she is a first year and i am a second. We met at a party first night out and because it was freshers and i'm staying in halls with my mate again we went out with the same crowed quite a lot for the first 2 weeks. She is 18 (i'm 22), i would rate her a 8.5/10 and i slept with her 4th night we went out. I said to her after sex that i can't be exclusive at the moment but i wanted to carry on seeing her. After the 8th night out with her after sex i reinforced what i said before again that i can't be exclusive but i wanted to carry on seeing her an argument ensued because she was upset about it. I promised i would talk to her about it the next day but i bottled it and never phoned her till 2 days after she didn't answer and i ended up having to go down to her flat (she is 3 floors down) and knock on her door so she couldn't ignore me she then said she wasn't going to speak to me but i said sorry and we made up but we still never had the conversation i promised. The next night out when she was pissed we had another argument and she was shouting at me because i never spoke to her about it so she obviously was still pissed off about it. We ended up making up and the next time we slept together i said to her after that i wanted to take it slow and that i would carry on seeing her but not be exclusive and she was fine with it. We had another argument in one of the next two nights we went out.

Ok well thats the history now to the real problem the last night we went out (last thursday 13/10/2011) i got extremely drunk and was very nasty to her and her Flat mate for no reason and was a (insert swearword here all night) she didn't want to sleep with me at the end of the night (no surprise there then) and i shouted at her saying that i'm seeing 2 other girls any way and ill just call one of them up (guess that is a good idea of how drunk i was:/) . I felt really bad so brought a card and put it under there door for both of them saying sorry etc, etc. they where both fine with it or so i thought. I went and saw her on the sunday following the thursday and she was fine with me we just sat and chatted and she was her normal self and we kissed before i left.

Now the thursday just gone i spoke to her on facebook here is the chat.

Me: olla
i just rung you what you doing?

Her: hoiiiii
sorry was on the phonex
im just gettin ready, youu

Me: lol i just rung you on the phone :P
want to go tescos?

Her: know it came up but i was already on thr phone lol
ive not long got back from tescos lol

Me: lol

Her: LOL
i say lol so much

Me: lol
whats your plan for tonight are you going out with your business group or staying round yours with them?

Her: just waiting for the babs group to come round then goin out later think, louise put us all on the guestlist somewhere youu?

Me: Can i come?
i do business

Her: oh i dnooo
id say yeah anyday, its just i dont wanna make a bad impression really
especially when we always end up agruing
and even if we dont argue im not gonna end up speakin to many people bar you, so ill feel really rude
sorry i hope you get where am coming from

Me: Yeah it's fine you just think ill make a bad impression! :P haha
but no worries it's fine

Her: not you personally
i said 'III don't wanna make a bad impression'

Me: i know i was joking

Her: oh

Me: lol

Any way we ended up chatting a bit more then i said this.

Me: you should get me to come out with you tbh :P

Her: i know but every single time it goes wrong
i wannabe able to relax

Me: well i'm sorry you feel that way

Her: feel? its a fact and you know it

Me: can i come speak to you before i go tescos because you never got to say any thing about the night after i gave you the card
and we didn't have an argument at the ball :P

and that was one of the best nights i have had here
since being back

Her: okay dya wanna go for a fag outside, cause im the only one who smokes in my whole class no joke!!
well lisa does but shes older and aint comin lol

Me: ill knock on yours in 5 x

Her: okiiiepokieex
best not laugh at my rolie polie

Me: i'm not guaranteeing anything hehe
leaving now

Her: im ready when u r

Ok well i went and spoke to her and she wasn't giving me any thing wouldn't hug me wouldn't holed my hands when i talk to her etc etc. She was very unresponsive towards me compared to normal. I was mainly trying to be able to go on a night out and meet her course mates to be honest because i need to network. I tried asking her but she wasn't having any of it she just said we will get into an argument together and she wouldn't be able to spend her time with me which i said was cool. she then said "we still haven't had the chat about "us' when you promised you would meet me." i said "we did." She said "it doesn't count when we are drunk.
So i said "we will have it now then" i said "i want to carry on seeing you and ill try not to get into an argument with you and ill give it a proper go." She was unsure and said "i don't know if i want to commit now." I said "no i don't mean commit i mean ill see you and give it a proper go." She said "i'm not sure." I said "we will be friends then." She said "ok." I followed up with "can i go out with you tonight then?" she said "no etc etc." I ended up leaving half way through the conversation saying "your not giving me any thing and just arn't responding." I Left pissed off she said bye and i replied but wasn't going to. Ended up speaking to a mate after and decided to go back down and just plead with her to go out (yes my game went out the window a long time ago but i was hell bent on going out and none of my other mates where out!) Any way she weren't having any of it even though i said i wouldn't even speak to her if we went out and that i promised i wouldn't argue with her lol. She got pissed off said we are already arguing and that she couldn't i said fine and left.

Any way i still want to see her but need to tip the tide around somehow and i'm still pissed off i never got to go out that night. She messaged me on Facebook earlier and i just ignored it and signed off 5mins later. What do i need to do to get her back wanting me? She is only downstairs so it's likely ill see her around the halls and will be able to blank her if needed.

Advice please.