All right, starting to get the concept of the phone game. The main thing is to call every number. Now I arranged a spreadsheet and call everyone I get the number from.
Sun called 5 numbers, got 2 on the phone. First one closed for the d2. Second I got too excited, might be went a bit off. I think I spoke too much with that girl, but I will give it a try.

Yst went to ride a bike, opened 1 chik, no close. I went on a short close, got rejected. So the lesson, to try to create maximum time limit possible for the close, not always available for the day game.

After this I went to meet that girl, found her at the Psychiatric clinic, apparently her doctor thought that she imagines herself sick or whatever. Was actually quite funny and made me a pretty solid base for a tease.
As soon as we met, she took me to a wig store, black chik eh. We spent around an hour there choosing wigs. At the beginning I liked it, but after a while it got on my nerve quite a bit. I had to mask it and talk to a fat nigerian woman, who also wanted a nice wig and was pain in the ass for the vendor girl(also pretty hot black chik).
Eventually she ended up buying 2 wigs for her and a soap for me, cause she felt bad for me waiting so much.
After this I wanted to go to park, but she was a bit sick and hungry and started to get dark, so we ended up in Malborough Mall, which was quite close.
Went to SF store to look for a costume. For me I wanted more to have fun , checking different things, ended up buying a funny russian hat and stress ball in the shape of the boob. It actually helped me later, when we went to Le Chateu, cause she wanted to get a pair of shoes there.
In Le Chateau, shopping continued, it actually was a bit on my nerve at a point. The thing is it is fun for a while, but well she bought 2 dresses, shoes and a fur jacket. The thing that made me slug, the salesgirl commented on her "She is so hot, how did you end up with her?"
I just smiled, could respond, but I was just cool, nonreactive. Usually works the best. After this we went and eat at Edo. I kiss closed her there, the thing I did not want to have sex with her that day cause off I had to go to work soon. But also she was not ready.
Brought her home, kiss, bla bla.
At thurs had a second date. She is kinda confused about the previous relationship, so it makes a bit tricky to close, but I am in direction. If it does not go at all, probably just move on , cause she takes a lot of time and I could be meeting other girls.
Anyways D3. Picked her up, needed to go to Walmart, she took her stuff back to Le Chateau. Actually when she was checking something there I went out, spoke to the girls at the lot outside. Apparently I met those chiks in Mansion before and they were from Israel, so I chat with them for a while. At some point I said, OK, I need to go to check what my gf is doing. They looked at each other rolled their eyes. Guess I tried to pick up 1 of them before. I moved in, for sure she was about to finish, so I grabbed her as soon as she done, introduced her to my new friends. She was quite amazed, "you tried to pick up those chiks when I was checking stuff"
I laughed, said something like "Yep". Then we went to Walmart, was actually a lot of frame fight. I need to work on my frame more it is my weak spot. For example she was going one direction I was going another, so eventually I decided to just ignore her. It worked well, she started to follow me. At some point 1 big black dude came, I guess was 2 guys. She actually was kinda distant from me, so it did not look like any couple or whatever. This guy comes with "I looked for you all around". I thought might be her relative, but she responds "Do I know you?" I thought lame, this guys tried to pick up with this. I even did not confront him, all I did was a smile and I said "hi". He looked at her and me and disappeared.
So I brought her home, escalated a bit. She still gives me a bf rejection, so I just try to focus on enjoying every moment and make this person happy. Now gonna meet her again, if no sex or any positive escalation I will limit the time with her and focus on pick up more. Kinda interesting situation, cause I am kissing her in the mouth, touch her, but from the other side get a lot lgbf material. From my perspective still looks like a legit, scored that shit before.
OK, today was D4 same chick.
Yst I called her, she asked me to pick her up at the morning after I done with my work and bring her to her computer class. I said "no" it was too much a heck for me and it was really submissive to make her using me.
Instead we agreed to go to gym together after she will finish her class. I called her, asked her to meet me later. She said OK, she goes to Chinook and we go from there. I am super stiff so I needed exercise really bad.
She asked me to wait till she is ready. Eventually I called her, she said "OK, I am going to eat and when you come we go there". Nice, I go there, find her. She brings huge shopping bag full of stuff,apparently all her clothes were burned, so she needed to buy some new ones, but still looks quite crazy and she did not eat it.
She gives me sorry, I hug, kiss her, not the best move, needed to play on that thing a bit, I actually rewarded bad behavior.
Overall, I realized that I was too needy, even she commented on this. Interesting that being super aggressive in a club works well versus being needy instead of being icy. It is such a tiny line between needy and dominant and aggressive.
She eats, actually I made her to buy me a tea that was good idea, some investment. We had a chat. Than my friend called, apparently was some problem with my car (that was the guy I got a car from). He suggested not to use the car and he will check it tomorrow. We went to the car, I decided to check it anyway, went to coop service, met there a Russian guy, he checked my car and said it is all cool you are good to go. Took her to my place.
She criticized it a bit, said it is cold, needs a female touch. Might be right, but at my previous place I was criticized all the time too, or were other chicks that did not care. She did not even take her coat of, so comfort is not there. I tried to escalate number of times, no way.
At some point she told me a story about her previous relationship.
It was at France. Her bf met her in a bar, exchanged numbers and invited her to lunch together. At this time she was looking for an apt to rent and he offered her to rent together. She rented a place and they moved in. Off cause she rented 2 separate rooms, but her bf came with "Halo, I have a dick thing". He pushed her hard to sex, put her on the bad, tried to escalate. She said she lost all the attraction at that point. Next day she asked him to leave, but he promised to quit attempting anything sexual.
So for a month they did not have sex, he was totally chill and end of the month she gave up.
When she finished the story she actually started to touch me, mostly my hair. I was actually icy at the point so she moved more, sat on my lap, kissed me in the mouth, we spoke a bit in that position. I touched certain parts of her body, but no sex. I realized I need to be more icy with her and it will work, off cause if will be another chance. After this I took her home, the plan was to go out, but end of the day she said she was tired and it could be truth, she started at 7:30 am. She put a cheek again, I said kiss me, she turned, kissed me in the mouth and went home. I went home, was quite tired so no club tonight. Next week I will have to compensate, this week I did not put enough activity, partially because of this girl, even though experience too, but I lost incredible amount of time and effort.