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    Default Email game after speed dating

    I've been to a speed dating night last saturday. You couldn't ask for phone #, you had to wait and they called if some girls were interested in the next 24 h. I have 3 matches, all hb7-8. Thing is, you could choose to give your email, # or both to your matches. As you could think, all the girls just sent their emails. They have my #, but I don't expect them to initiate the move.

    So, how would you do that? I never did email game and am unsure what's the best way to do it. The worst thing is that I talked to every girls approx. 5 minutes, so I couldn't get much rapport with them, only some attraction. I think I need solid game to succeed in this.

    Also, I found all of their FB pages. I'm much more skilled with chat game, but I don't want to add them now to avoid looking like a stalker.

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    Default Re: Email game after speed dating

    Not directly experienced here, but I'll give my input.

    Don't add on facebook, not once you already have an email they gave you that would indeed be a little creepy.

    Go with somethin simple, if you can tease them lightly on something that was mentioned, something they do, follow up, do it, just keep it light teasing not full out neg.
    I would send one nice light message, hey you're the one who xxxx, whatever.
    Let them reply.
    Next message (after the standard one day email wait) get their number.

    If you got nothing to go off of, heres an idea.

    Hey XXX, you're the girl who XX, right? You seemed alright, not half as wierd as some of the girls that were there. Maybe if you're cool we can go on another 5 minute date ;-)

    Just one idea, not thinkin through this a ton
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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