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    Default Need help with hired gun.

    So I have this question of a Hired Gun, HB8 at a hooters like joint. Long story short I was able to keep her coming back to my table to chat with me whenever she could, she showed a good amount of IOI's, we hit it off pretty well and definitely had a good amount in common. I could see she was interested, she was scoping out my clothing, laughed, had good comebacks at my lines etc. She even brought up the term "we should definitely go to insert place here." I also never go to these places with the intention of picking up numbers etc but just to flirt and have fun.

    I was definitely feeling this chick, she seems fun and has a great attitude. Overall I figured why not and before I attempted to number close I decided to try and pull information on a possible X factor out of her. She said she had been dating a dude and it just became official but she didn't seem too enthused. Should I even waste my time? It's not going to make or break my day, but wanted to know some tips in case I see this problem again and what I could do differently.
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