Ok, a little input here...

I have a 3 hour car ride with the girl I'm flying out of state with for the holiday weekend (Seductress TJR) and now a last minute ridealong to the city we depart from. (SocialButterFly TJI)

I have the whole weekend with the TJR. It'll be our second weekend together as we both work weeks. We have gone out camping with a guy friend of mine to "chaperone". It went very well. She refused to sleep in the middle (much to my friend's dismay and I was happy she was comfortable with me) TJR needs to chase, and she put on a full court press to fly out of town for halloween a few days after the camping trip. Of course I said yes, and played up the whole "team" theme. Made her book flights, I did hotels etc. Our schedules didn't allow us to see each other until abot a week ago. I cooked dinner for some friends (3 other girls my guys bailed lol), and jacuzzi'd (the two of us) after. Very calm when talking to her, confident but not an ass, talking openly about sex, goals, etc.

Staying at a mutual couple friend's house tomorrow night. This will begin sleeping next to each other, probably massive couch situation. Think sectional HUGE. Sleeps 4 easy.

The following 4 nights we split a suite with another couple (also about the same place we are) and the 5th night we have the suite to ourselves for the next two nights.

Lots of eye contact. Texting and talk at least once a day for the past 5. She's def excited about the trip. What's my move here? I feel I need to close up the distance to the mid-zone and try to build tension with her.

I feel like if I screw this up early I'll be damned to friend zone the rest of the weekend and not be screwing anything up...

What do you all think??

PS we're al and peg bundy for halloween