Ok here is the situation. I met a girl at a place that i was doing security at a few months ago who was dating some guy at the time. we became friends because I thought I had no chance with her. I told her about me picking up the women that i have and all of the adventures and crazy sh1t that has happened. Well about a 2 months ago her and her bf started having problems. I gave her advice like a good friend should. Well a month ago i changed jobs and on my last day there, she told me that if anything happened between her and bf that she would call me for a fark buddy. She called me the next week and asked me to start running with her. Well on the first day that we went running i grabbed her after the run and just kissed her just to convey confidence more. we have teased each other since. about 2 weeks ago her and her bf broke up. We still havent farked yet and she keeps saying that she isnt that easy which i know she just doesnt want me to think less of her. last week we were going running at the park and saw a flyer about how the park was doing a haunted forest thing and i said i wanted to go. She stated that she didnt want to because she didnt like stuff like that. so i forgot all about it. well 2 days later she told me that she wanted to go with me to it. so friday we went and she held on to my arm like we were dating. Well about 3 weeks ago i realized that i really would like to settle down with this girl and actually have a relationship. so after the haunted trail thing, i told her that i liked her in that way. well she told me that she didnt think she could date me because she knew too much about me. well when i asked her if she liked me like that. she smiled and said, "i pleade the fifth." i have asked alot of my friends that are girls and they say that she is just playing hard to get so i need to know what to do. Please help