Right guys i'm having incredible hard last minute resistance with a virgin which i'm finding impossible to crack.

I'm in my second year of uni and during the first year i was living in a 15 person block. There was one girl who i became really good friends with during first term. We got with each other a couple of times but i ended up saying to her we can only be friends etc. Then half way through second term we got really close and i would go out with her and her girl mates on my own quite a lot (for social proof etc) she was also on my course which i never went into so would go into her room and ask what had happened nearly every day.

Any way one day i got locked out of mine and she said i could stay with her i declined but couple of weeks later ended up staying in hers quite a lot (every night we went out which was 1 to 2 times a week) but taking it very slow the first couple of times just spooning etc. Then moved onto kissing for hours and dry humping etc. I then tried to arouse her with my hand but she wouldn't let me down there. Next time i tried qualifying her saying she was diffrent to other girls because she was so nice friendly etc (it seemed to work by making her extra nice to me for the next two weeks) but still no cigar. I also told her i fancied her and asked her the same question she said maybe cheekily.

3rd term then came about and i knew i didn't have long to work this and i actually started to like this girl quite a lot. I ended up asking her to the cinema on like a date she declined and we ended up having an argument with her saying we where only friends and me ending up just leaving it all because i thought it would be long. Then the next night i went out she was there it was a night i had organised for 400 students, party bus, boat party then last stop club. I ignored her and ended up getting with quite a few girls she tried to speak to me i said i would talk another time and she ended up saying sorry about the friend thing and ended up in my bed. She also said she would see me just not be exclusive (i was getting with other girls at the time so was cool with that). Next night we went out she came back to mine and i got my hand down there and lightly rubbed her for about 10seconds and she was dripping wet) i moved my hand back up (yes massively stupid move) and when i tried to put it back down there she said stop. The following night i tried again and told her i wanted to be inside her and she told me she was a virgin i asked her what she had done she said only the stuff with me which was me kissing her boobs, fondling her bum and rubbing vagina etc. The last night we went out i kind of fucked up, got a bit to pissed and got a bit annoyed because she kept on disappearing so had an argument and i went home early. I then said sorry when i sobered up a bit and she came round mine again but said she wasn't staying because her friend said she shouldn't because i had been a nob lol. So didn't get much that night . That was our last night out before we went back home but we did quite a bit of revision together and other stuff just without the influence of alcohol etc.

So now onto second year i met up with her once and she was really, really pissed and particularly ignored me so i just left (no argument). Rang her up quite a bit about our course to find out stuff and i did get a bit pissed off with her for not telling me something i needed to know so we didn't speak for a bit. Ended up making up with her then ringing her on Halloween but no answer. She ended up ringing me loads back trying to get in contact and i answered at like 1am and said i was going to another club so would meet her another night and she rung me again after about 2am but i didn't answer and then txt me "Dannnnnnnn i'm dead! I n bed! U have a good night? x" at nearly 4am i just got back so rung her and she kept saying we need to meet up etc...

Any way this girls a HB9, 19 and still a virgin, my mates where shocked when i told them she was. She rarely meets up with boys she knows but will kiss boys when out just nothing more. She has never really had a boyfriend or a good/close friend who is a boy and i only had a chance of getting that close because i was living with her, i don't see how many other boys have a chance to be honest lol, even when boys try and chat her up she just ignores them and speaks to her girl mates and only kisses boys when drunk and aroused on a dance floor. I have tried the freeze out which didn't do anything, saying don't worry it will be ok (taking responsibility) worked a bit. I have also been quite persistant. I did a count down with her until she tells me to stop, but every thing i have tried hasen't worked mind you this was all before she told me she was a virgin and she kept that from me for long enough! Any way any help or ideas would be great, also would love to know what i can do for after it happens because i'm not sure if i should comfort her etc? I have never slept with a Virgin before not sure if i really want to from what i have heard though but i do like this girl.