Hello guys!

Hope you are well and that I am posting in the right forum as this is actually my first post
Currently being at a sort of turning point in my life where I am about to precisely identify what are those dream activities that really make me tick and that I should fully focus on during these critical moments of my own personal development and transformation into a more productive and successful person, especially when it comes to dating the hottest women and girls, I would be hugely grateful to each one of you if you could simply and spontaneously suggest the most suitable ideas or keywords (including as many good synonyms as possible) as my best PUA passions related topics or product ideas for my future blog (website) based on a few of my descriptive answers to a very interesting passions and skills questionnaire that I will mention in just a moment and that I also hope might be beneficial for refreshing and reviving your own passions and interests in life, too.

Before I shoot out these questions below, once again I would greatly appreciate it if you could suggest as many suitable synonyms to or as many different ways of expressing my questionnaire's answers related dream activities or product ideas of my future website as possible.

Why am I pointing out the importance of having as many different ideas and their synonyms or expressions for best brainstorming my passion related dream activities or product ideas?

To give you a clue, I find coming up with those different expressions or synonyms particularly challenging in a couple of examples like:

a) For example, I am very excited about leading a luxury, jetsetting and playboy like lifestyle surrounded by the hottest women on earth. Now, when I start thinking of some best different ways of expressing my passion about leading a luxury playboy like lifestyle, I get stuck even while being armed with some recommended keyword suggestion tools that I also use.

b) Another example is my true excitement and happiness when I manage to make a very beautiful woman naturally smile or laugh. Now, in this case I sort of start thinking of some ideas that would involve me as a kind of women’s entertainer where I could either do some funny break dancing like moves or telling some of the worst street pickup lines, for example. Here I am facing two challenges or problems. First, similar to the above example under a) I would like if you could help me find more ways of making a hot woman laugh or smile where she would sort of feel her ecstatic happiness and sexual arousal. Secondly, I would like if you could tell me how I could elegantly turn this exact activity of making sexy women laugh into a product rather than a service.

NOTE: To briefly introduce you with some ways I make women laugh, for example I like to break the conversation with expressing my open imaginative associations to their super fit body or interesting fashion details in the form of a spontaneous compliment, like saying: “Hi, your bright elegant appearance has just made my day and kinda reminds me of my dream luxury lifestyle...

Here’s the part of the passions and skills questionnaire:
1) If you had a million dollars and a week’s worth of free time, what would you do? List the first activities that come to mind.

My answers:
a) I’d like to fully enjoy myself travelling to some most exotic, trendiest and luxury places (alongside the most stunning beach resorts and villas) like San Diego, CA while being in the company of the hottest women that I would have a lot of great sex with.
b) I might do a sex video recording of some of the women and me having sex like in porn.
c) I would have fun taking some glamorous photos of some hot women like Playboy photographers do.
d) I would take up a break dance class and then break dance somewhere in public for fun.
e) I would learn some hot Latino American dances from the authentic Latin American dancing teachers
f) I would simply be super spontaneous and super confident approaching hot women everywhere and anytime even when they are accompanied with their boyfriends or husbands simply for the sake of both my great passion towards their beautiful looks and also my practising to be more confident in my life in general.
g) I would gather many stunningly hot women together in one place whether online or offline with a view to building up my dream playboy lifestyle inspired community of the most beautiful women I could communicate with and entertain anytime I want.
h) Being funny, cocky and teasingly talking dirty with women in the way they find it amusing.
i) Interviewing super hot women for the sake of uncovering some interesting new niche markets for improving my online business.
j) I would meet up with Ron Jeremy (who I personally met and shook hands with in London, UK in 2004) and his hottest chicks and we would all go jetsetting together.
k) I would be prepared to do something originally funny and entertaining like dancing the way the guys in the LIMFAO music video “Sexy and I Know It” just for the sake of enjoying my unlimited freedom and fun.

2) What websites do you visit when you are just “surfing around” online? What topics do these sites cover?

My answers:

a) Facebook profiles of sexy girls and women
b) Ultimate luxury playboy like and jetsetting r’n’b, hip-hop and pop YouTube music videos of the artists like Usher, Kanye West and Enrique Iglesias to name a few.
c) Seduction and pickup artists’ education material for men to improve their pickup and dating skills
d) Watching free online porn videos, sometimes.

3) What lifetime accomplishments are you most proud of? What did you learn from this experience?

My answers:
a) Super confidently and spontaneously approaching a super hot woman (of a honey bunny 8 calibre) when I was walking behind her on the street and said hello to her just before she entered her car and drive away so that she turned around to pay attention to me, then successfully starting up the conversation with her, getting her phone number and kissing her at the end all within 3 to 4 minutes
b) Learning the niche market research techniques in order to be able to become the next internet marketing billionaire.

4) What television shows do you enjoy? What kind of music do you listen to?

My answers:
a) I like to watch some interesting self-made millionaire entrepreneurs TV shows like “Dragon’s Den” or “Secret Millionaire,” and also sometimes the shows like “X Factor” because I can really relax listening to some extremely talented and good looking singers.
b) I mainly listen to pop, r’n’b and hip-hop music usually on YouTube, and am particularly emotionally bound to 80s hits that I grew up listening to.

5) Is there anything you’ve ever really wanted to do or learn about but just haven’t had the time for?

My answers:
a) How to most effectively seduce, pick up and end up having sex with the hottest women.
b) Meet up with some well known pickup artists from this PUA forum and other PUAs like Neil Strauss, Sinn, Don Suave, Carlos Xuma and David DeAngelo in order for me to improve my PUA game

6) At a party when you are talking to a stranger, what’s your “fall back” topic of conversation?

My answer:
a) Hot, sexy women and how to approach and seduce them.
7) At work or with friends, on what subject are you the “go-to” person?

My answer:
a) Hot, sexy women and how to approach and seduce them.
8) What was your favorite job? What was your role?

My answer:
a) Working as a direct salesman selling paintball games packages where I have had lots of fun making lots of cash and meeting lots of sexy girls while doing the job.
NOTE: Here I would like if you could help me find the best ways or options I could combine my direct sales skills with my great passion about dealing with the most beautiful girls (e.g. I could offer a sales training to firms who’d like to train hot women to sell something but I don’t know what kind of firms and what kind of products would that be?)

9) What would your best friend say you are best at?

My answer:
a) Fearlessly approaching women that I like in public.

Finally, the answers to the above questions are designed to help us get an idea of what our potential niche markets are. By the way, the questions above are only the half of the passions and skills questionnaire (suggested from an internet marketing source) that I have responded most strongly to.

In other words, that means that the answers to such questions you have responded most strongly to could give you a good idea of what your real passions are whether you’d like to cash in on them through an online business like me or simply focus your energy on nurturing them in your life in general.

In advance Many Thanks with all my heart to each of you who took your time to kindly assist me and help me with this crucial task of best identifying those different “dream” activities or product solutions I could later offer based purely on my above mentioned passions.

Once again, Thanks a Lot for being so generous and willing to help me out.

Warmest regards,