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    Question So i get two girls numbers lastnight, heres the problem

    Hi all and thanks for reading.

    So lastnight i scooped 2 girls numbers, everything went fine, we had a laugh and some drinks, a real good night.

    My phone had died, so I had there number on paper, and said I would text them so they got my number tomorrow, that was fine by them.

    The Problem: I send the message to both girls "Hey it [insert name] from lastnight, here's my number x"

    the hotter girl of the two messages back "hey" (hardly sounds interested right?)

    the other girl replies " hey there, how are you?" (Sounds more interested than the other)

    So I decide not to text the hotter one back and focus on the other, we text a few messages, but it was small talk, I couldn't get a rythem going, in the end I found a good time to cut the connection off, and have not spoke since

    Is there any way to turn these small texts into something flirty? I just couldn't get into the swing today, I must say my text messaging needs work, in person I feel confident, but texting usually slaughters me.

    And also, should I even bother with the hotter one? its a tricky situation because they are both friends.

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    Default Re: So i get two girls numbers lastnight, heres the problem

    The hotter ones always get more attention. She's had a lot more guys coming at her and getting her number. You didn't text her anything funny, witty, or anything else that stands out from other texts she receives. So she's not impressed. Start collecting everything you can on text gaming today, and text her tomorrow.

    I guess the lesser girl doesn't get that much attention or you impressed her more in person than you did the hotter one. So she's more likely to respond positively.

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