So i recently started socializing with a girl I already knew, and i could tell i was about to make a good impression by the way she was acting, made her laugh a lot, teased her a bit.

So i proceeded to text her. At first everything was going really well, she would always respond and i was able to maintain control. Unfortunately like the last few weeks she was able to take it away from me?!?
so this was me and what seems to be unsuccessful attempts to txt her:

Me: Hey guess what i was doing?lol
Her: Wat??
M:Shopping!!! lol
H: Wow must be fun
M: You jealous (said her nickname)?
H: Heka ye shouldve took me along!!! Haha
M: Would you help me pick out some cool clothes?!? (i said that cuz shes taking a fashion class)
H: Duh ofcourse... Lol
M: ALright, well ill see ya tomorrow (we have a class together)
H: Uhu, of course

So then then the next day, before seeing her i txt

Me: Oh my god, if u saw our cafeteria seating u would be so weirded out!!! Haha (and i sent her a picture of a bunch of weird ppl)
H: Wat is this??
M: Its a bunch of weirdos in college that brought their ps3 and xboxs and playing it hahaha and some of em are playing yugioh or something! lol
H: And ur part of them haha
M: Yup got my pokemon cards lol jk i came in here and felt so disgusted. Kind of like when i look at u.... jk jk

and after that she didnt reply, idk was that too harsh or something? Btw it was my friend kinda telling me what to txt the second convo so it might sound different from the first lol

Any suggestions, what am i doing wrong? and how to fix it?