Hi All

I'm fortunate in that I don't really get bad approach anxiety, however, a girl who works in my local health food shop has this special spiritual quality that I can really get serious about, and having spoken to her a few times at the till, I thought I would ask her out. Guess what - when I went to chat to her, I was so nervous I felt almost out of my body.
I can't explain why this was, maybe because I haven't approached anyone for a while, or just because I really felt a unique connection with her.

Anyway, while not an unmitigated disaster, it was not what I would call 'smooth' - my energy was all over the place and this was reflected in my demeanour. I didn't even get to asking for her number, but she invited me to watch a solo dance performance in a couple of weeks. In my books this is a disaster. She quit work at the healthfood shop to focus on her dancing, so the only place I'm going to be able to catch her is at the performance in a couple of weeks. How do I turn this lame situation around? My fear is that if I go to the performance on the basis of a half-assed conversation, I'll be dead in the water because I'll look needy and subservient. Help please?