My goal is to have several bisexual girlfriends who love me as much as they love each other. I want there to be harmony and not a trace of jealousy. Nothing would make me happier than to call one of my girlfriends to come over, and have her tell me, "I can't tonight honey, Jenny and I are out shopping then I'm going to stay at her house for a sleepover." I have invited them over to my house and introduced them to one another, but it didn't go like I pictured in my mind. lol.

The first time I introduced Girl A to Girl B, there was shouting and jealousy (not the sexy time I was hoping for...). The second time I introduced Girl B to Girl C - Girl B was friendly and open, but Girl C was insecure, closed, and quiet (again, not the fun, sexy threesome I pictured in my mind).

I've told them what I want, and they are open when I tell them I'm going out with one of the other ones, but they haven't started talking to each other yet, let alone sleeping together. Each of them want me all to themselves.

Any ideas / advice?