So I'm in college and my fraternity had an exchange with a sorority the other night. I was talking to this one girl for a decent amount of time, not too long, but it might have been around 15-20 minutes. After we had been talking for a little while I realized we had never even exchanged names so right as I was about to ask her name she beat me to it and asked me mine, then when we shook hands we made eye contact and just kind of paused and smiled so I felt like there was something there. But her and her two roommates were sober sisters that night and were hanging out so they left to go dance and I never got a chance to get her number. I want to hang out with her again so I requested her as a friend on facebook and she accepted a half hour later which makes me think she remembers me. So after the really long background, I'm thinking of messaging her on facebook just saying I had a good time talking at the exchange and that her and some friends (to make it less pressure) should come over to my fraternity house sometime. Would that be something I should do? I don't have her number so it's the only way I can contact her, I just didn't know if it was weird or not to do that because otherwise I have no idea when the next time I would see her would be. If you could just let me know if that works or what else I should do that would be great thanks.