I've hung out with a girl in my building a few times and started making some progress with her. We were watching a movie the other night and I managed to k-close her. A couple days later we spent the the majority of the day out with some mutual friends. That went good, but I only ended up getting a kiss at the end of the night because she fell asleep while we were watching a movie. That was on a saturday night, the next tuesday I stopped by to see if she wanted to go out on Thursday. She agreed, but on thursday I got a message half an hour before we were supposed to meet up saying that she was stuck at her farm and didn't think she would be there at the time we determined. I replied that it was fine and she could just knock on my door when she got home, so that we could head out then. She never replied, and after waiting an hour I tried calling with no response. I haven't had any contact with her since.

Normally I would have tried to wait longer between seeing her because we had hung out 3 times in a week and a half, but I was going out of town for 3 weeks and wanted to get more progress. How I should proceed with this girl?