I managed to take out my PT I made plans with her on saturday. But the day before (veterans day) I went out with some fellow warriors. She came out and met up, the craziest night I've ever had. Free drinks, chicks swarming me and I ended up making out with her quite a bit. I made sure to give her, and her friends some of the free drinks I was getting.

She was hungover the next day and we still decided to go out. I went low key as I also felt like shit, we went to a bar for dinner. She seemed to have a decent time (while still being sick) and I took her home. Kiss goodnight. She mentioned that she was into sports so I thought a pro game this week would be a good next date. I texted her the next day asking her if she ever gets off before 8:00pm as most games start at 7:30. Here is the actual texts.

Me: You ever get off work before 8?

Her: No not really

Me: Are you free tuesday night for some unbowleaveable bowling

Her: Lol no bc o work the next am early

Me: What day can you, and I can't guarantee it to be unbowleavable now. Might be bowlerific though.

Her: Lol idk just found out I have to get my nasm before I can work at Gold Gym and have a few weeks to get it so I have to be studying for that

I left it at that as I did I few things I shouldn't have.
- Asked for a date, I should've just given two yes options.
- Texted her first.

However the night of the date she told me to do something with her Wednesday. She also friend requested me the day after the date. I'm just curious what your guys thoughts are and if I'm out of it. I saw her today at the gym and didn't say anything to her, just gave her a smile and continued to workout. She was with a client at the time and I know she doesn't want her boss to find out.