I think I`ve been in a friendzone with this girl, or not, it doesn`t matter. We were about to be together and then i fucked it all up. After things got a bit weird, I stopped talking to her and texting her.. Basicaly i did a freeze-out. Only a hello now and then. Now it`s been about 2-3 weeks since i started this freeze-out, and I want to try again.. In one night of course.. And I want to do it tomorrow evening when she˙s out with her friends (I`ve found that out, bcs my best friend is dating her best friend). But today when we met and I said hello, she did smile and said hello, but I didn`t feel that smth.. Should i take in considering in making a descision of trying again tomorrow, or should I do it anyways? Bcs I only have one shot and I don`t want to ruin it with doing this to early.. Please answer, thx.