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    Default Are you NEW? Need a place to START?

    Okay, so this is a thread intended for those who wish to start out on the journey to become a Pick Up Artist (Venusian artist, player) Whatever you like to call it. These will be based in a question format so enjoy!

    What should I start on, inner game? or outer game?
    You should start on both! That's right. You should learn a few simple lines to begin with, and use them to build your inner confidence. Whilst at the same time, you should read up on the alpha male mantra. This includes lines such as "I am an attractive guy" and "I can get any girl I want".

    How do I train my inner game?
    Inner game is a tough aspect to target because it is based on all your beliefs and values. So you should start by targeting your beliefs and values. The more you understand women, then your belief starts to become "Right, i'm not scared of girls anymore. I understand why they are acting the way they are" So when it comes to inner game, I believe your understanding of women should come first. Pandora's box is a prime example of this.

    How do I train my outer game?
    The outer game is the easiest to conquer, but you need good inner game to pull it off. This is the lines you learn, the certain conversational skills you have read up on, dancing, sexual ability.etc. Begin by learning a few lines and use them when your next out. Just go out with the mindset of "This is going to be a fun night no matter who says otherwise"

    There is however also another aspect. This is how you carry yourself, speak and socialise.etc. To train these aspects you should go on google and learn good body language and how to speak well. You can get these tips however in the many products Bill has listed out and they are far more aimed towards what you are trying to achieve. Another good tip is to watch movies with alpha males in them. Have a look at the way they move, talk. Then copy certain mannerisms.

    What if I have no one to wing with?
    You don't need a wing to have a good time. Period. It can help but even by being with your friends you can have a good time. Just focus on that "having a good time" and practise socialising first and meeting new people. If you go to a club by yourself then it can be really daunting. This is the hardest of challenges and it can crush you in a second of entering the club. If you are going to go alone then act as if your friends are 'over there'. Meet people, use the skills you will learn from one of many products you may choose. If you are being a social guy. Then other people will believe they are your friends or with you. This will increase your social standing. So just make it look like you are friends with everybody.

    So what should I do right now?
    Right at this very second I want you to imprint one thing on your mind only. "I'm here to have fun". There was a line in a song by calvin harris that went "These are the good times in your life, so put on a smile and it will be alright". This is a true statement and you can either get busy living or get busy dieing. Your choice. The most confident people out there and most social are there to have fun. Otherwise, why would they do it? And trust me, you could ask the friends of these guys and I'll bet they'll say they are the life of the party. "I'm here to have fun" That should be your mantra from now on playing like a broken record in your mind. And don't forget to smile

    What do I do when I start getting numbers?
    Take it as a sign it's working and practise with these girls. They may flake, but that's fine. You will get better. And if you understand women, then there is no need for them to flake.

    Finchy TIP:
    When you're next out and you use facebook, twitter.etc. Then use this simple but surprisingly effective photograph technique. The idea of this is to make your social networking site look good, so you feel good, and people start to notice you :P.

    Okay, so go up to a group of girls. Preferably hot. Then simply say "Look girls, I could really do with a picture on facebook with me sitting with some really hot girls." Then when they nod in excitement, go sit right in the middle of all of them. Right next to the hottest girl. Then get a mate, or one of them to stand up and take a picture. After they take a photo, say "Right, one more. But this time, a funny pose". This should get the girls in a fun state and at the same time you can see how your taking control of them.

    Please feel free to carry on and keep the conversation smoking as you have just created a fun atmosphere. And when you do use this technique, make sure to be smiling and genuine. (Remember to use your camera or phone!!! :P)

    Finchy x

    P.s. Please please comment and say what you think, feel and if you have any questions that need to be included or answers to be edited. Thanks.
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    Work hard, Play hard players! Oh and Man up, girls like men.

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