so my case is kinda interesting. i started college in september. my school is not very big (around 5000 kids). having already been experienced with pickup before college, and armed with books like conquer your campus, i went into college knowing that i am going to try picking up a bunch of girls

the mindset i went into college with is that i am trying to have a good time, pickup girls, make a lot of friends, be a social leader (deciding what people are doing and organizing social events), giving love to EVERYONE (which is awesome - i recommend you try it if you haven't) and being alpha in general.

this all worked out great - the first 2-3 weeks of school were ridiculous. i hooked up with probably 15 girls, and had sex with around 4-5 of them. i was killing it and it was awesome!

from that point, things started to slowly get worse. i was hooking up with less and less girls (i dont know if its me or if its the fact that everyone has started to settle into their niche). don't get me wrong, i was and i am still hooking up with girls (probably a new girl every two weeks, and i am also still hooking up with girls i had already hooked up with before), but its not the same.

a lot of people know who i am around campus (a lot of times when i meet someone they say ohhh you're mike?? i have heard a lot about you!). also, many people consider me a "stud" of sorts - the school is so small that every girl you hookup with pretty much everyone knows).

therefore, i am boggled by my situation - i am being alpha (maybe not as much as before as when you don't have as much success you're not as pumped as you usually are), a lot of people know me, i am a sort of a social leader, i do everything (or at least i think i am) that i did the first month of school, yet i am seeing different results.

thinking about the beginning of school i realize that most of the girls i had hooked up with were girls that i had met once, twice or more prior to hooking up with them. though i did hook up with girls i had just met, this was less likely the case.

so i am writing to you today seeking your advice. we go on break in two weeks for almost two months, and i want to a) finish off the semester in a way that will make me happy and b) make a comeback next semester!

thank you for reading!