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    Default Should I let this go and still contact once more?

    Girl I was seeing for 6 months well we knew eachother for 9 and got on really well and worked together. We didn't really see eachother at outside of work much but I fell in love and I think she had feelings too.

    I had problems at work when people started asking her what was goin on between us and she decided to tell them that she had a boyfriend which obviously made me look like a creep but as far as I know it wasn't true. We continued to talk and I got fired at my job due to a mistake but for 6 weeks me and her got on well.

    Then at another part time job we were at we had a misunderstanding and then later on she was walking away from me, I asked her what was wrong and she told me she was meeting her ex. I think that was a lie, she just didn't want any colleagues seeing us embrace.

    I said "lets say bye" and she put her hands out behind herself but I couldn't hug her cos it was a tight spot. Then she walked off ahead and stood in the middle pretending to call so I just walked in a different direction looking towards her but I should of approached it's just the way she ran ahead plus everyone at work would of been saying how I was a puppy dog/stalker.

    This screwed things up but I didn't know what else to do as she was acting weird. I called her late the other day and she wasn't very friendly and said she had to go because she was stressed and lost her credit card. Yesterday I called her again quite late and the phone was ringing and she kept rejecting my call after certain amount of rings.

    Today I called her after midnight and she picked up, said "hello" I said "long time no speak" and she was like yea "one sec" and put the phone down(something she would do randomly even in a good mood) I called back and then it rang a few times and went to voicemail(rejected it again) I don't know what to do. I love her and care and my heart hurts thinking that she doesn't believe how I feel about her.

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    Default Re: Should I let this go and still contact once more?

    i feel your pain mate. Wouldnt it be nice if just letting a girl know how you feel would make her like you!

    unfortunatly it doesnt. What you should do is make yourself more attractive. stop calling her texting her.. actually forget about her completely, at least for now. Get working on yourself, (gym, sports club, amazing hobby, better friends, more women etc.) The funny thing is that if you do what i said, you wont want her lol. you will have better women in your life.

    dont worry, she is not the one

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