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    Default Need Help Outgaming Friends

    I am a good looking guy, 5'8 150 lbs and look like iron. Most of my friends are skinny guys or just not as good looking as me, however they do have some natural game, as do I. I have no problem when there are random guys as my competition, but when I am competing with friends I choke.

    Every time I am out with friends I am usually the one with the balls to go and talk to the girls first but my friends use this as an opportunity to start talking and using this to their advantage.

    For example, this weekend me and a buddy were hanging out with this girl we met earlier that day and it was an every man for himself kind of thing. He ended up controlling the conversation and saying these great stories (some made up). He is not a pickup artist, but does have lots of natural game.

    How would I be able to out game a friend like that without putting him down with typical amog stuff?

    Is there a way to strictly out game this or put him down without making making him upset or realizing it. I know we probably should work out a deal instead of competing, but if that's just not an option and I don't want to talk sh*t about my friend, what can I do to make her not interested in him and more in me?

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    Default Re: Need Help Outgaming Friends

    you know what, I never compete with friends because I don't want to appear that way to the girl.... that I'm out to hunt or out to compete. I will give dibs to whoever gets her attention first.

    Having that been said, I have competed with friends, and it usually just gets messy and sloppy and everything will become "unnatural" ... so here's my 2 cents, pick your own targets, approach them on your own , or initalize the convo first and try to lead. If it's a group, grab the attention of the one you want most, then let the others fight for the others.. so it seems more appropriate and like wingman style.

    Girls also judge how you approach, if you act like it's a wild kingdom in the jungle, she may think your social skills needs improvement.

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