New member here and I joined specifically to ask a game expert or any PUAs this question:

In this day and age where women are just as likely to pick up/approach men as men do women, have any of you encountered or experienced such a situation where the onus of seduction has been flipped around to the woman only for it to end badly for her? Specifically, a theoretical situation where an older and/or more experienced man is approached by an attractive younger woman (probably in college/early 20's) but gets shot down due to lack of qualities he was looking for like personality (or even experience). I imagine such a situation may contain lines such as "I don't want you because you're boring the fark out of me. I've slept with women that are better looking"

But back to the original point I wanted to ask: Is such a situation even possible? Or does it exist only in urban myth? Is it advisable to ever use those lines in front of a crowd (in, say, a bar) on an annoying woman? I understand that this situation is the antithesis of everything the PUA community espouse but I'm curious to know your thought/s on it and what you predict would be its outcome.