Okay this is a long one, and I know us guys can never understand what goes on in womens heads but i don't know what to do anymore?!

So firstly, I have a clear case of Oneitis. I admit that
So I met these 2 girls at uni, and we started hanging out loads, as friends and we didnt everything together, until one of them stopped hanging out with us..so it was just me and the girl i like. So we were always hanging out, i used to tickle her and stuff, and i started to like her...one night we went out with friends for a meal, and i came home and stayed at hers as i missed the last train. I kissed her. Nothing more happened, since then i've often stayed round hers after nights out and we kiss everytime, but when it comes to "relationship" she doesn't want one... apparently the feeling is not there? we used to see eachother like every other day, now its slowed down and we dont text 24/7 like we used to, and she's always going out with her other friends and stuff now, but she said to one of her girl friends that if she had to choose a guy to be with it'd be me.

So my question really is, what do i do from now? stay "friends" what do i say? what do i do? how often to talk? see her? ect...basically how can i get her to like me like crazy?!

Thank you! Many Regards