An old friend from HS of mine recently moved back into town. She used to have a crush on me back in the day and she's totally hot. We're friends on Facebook, so I decided to send her a message. This is basically the correspondence of the convo, hopefully you guys can give me some feedback as to what I've done well, and what I can improve upon, and your thoughts on wether she's feeling it or not.

Me: so I hear you ran into my co-worker the other day on the bus. How is it that your in town and we haven't kicked it yet!? We need to grab a beer and catch up!

Her: I did? Haven't rode the bus at all? But yeah let's get a beer.

Me: idk? He said he ran into some hot girl named Liz who knew me so I just assumed it was you. Haha. What's your schedule like this week?

Her: I'm pretty open all this comming week, I just need to know two days in advance lol

Me: alright Mrs. CEO lol. I was goig to say tomorrow night, but that was before I knew you were running a fortune 500 company and I needed to make an appointment! Lol

Her: haha

That's it so far... Any tips, thoughts, help, is greatly appreciated. Not exactly sure how to proceed at this point, and want to see how I'm doing. Thanks doods.