Hi all, need solid advice ASAP!

I organize parties regularly, so it's not uncommon for people I don't know (but who are interested in my parties) to ask to be 'friends' on Facebook. I noticed one hot girl who asked to friend me last month, but didn't add her (I rarely add people as I don't use FB much).

Anyway at my party last Saturday that girl showed up, I recognized her, and soon noticed many guys (but no hot guys) were trying to get her. She was pretty drunk. Since I'm the party organizer I can't mingle that much so asked my (married) friend to go talk to her and test the waters. He brings her to me, she seemed pretty happy, but drunk so hard to tell, but I was busy discussing somehting with someone else and we just said hi to each other. seeing i was kinda 'busy' she left, but i saw her looking at me several times during the party and my fbuddy said she was interested in meeting me. we saw her again at the end of the party, surrounded by (ugly) guys. i didn't say anything. my friend got her number. she took a cab and went home.

yesterday i accepted her 'friend' offer on FB, which is an obvious sign since i only have about 10 friends! (as i said, i almost never use FB).
What should i do? I'm attracted to her, it's not often i feel this way and usually it's somewhat reciprocal (like gravity). but i doubt i made a memorable impression on her since we didn't even talk, and i'm sure sevral weirdoes already contacted her, so i dont want to be one of those guys. should i text her? what kind of message? call directly? she doesn't chat on FB. she's 29.