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    Default Girl read facebook convo discussing pua

    Finally! Saturday night, ive got a HB old friend getting dropped off at my place! Me being new to the whole PUA game, was telling my friends about how well some stuff was working, and they need to check it out.

    So i had a facebook convo with a mutual friend of mine and the HB, about what i was going to do with the cialis and the girl coming over tonight(without telling the mutual who the babe was). I thought thefacebook convo was too risque to keep so i deleted it! 4 hours later, things are going great... im finally going to seal the deal with this HB id wanted for a long time! Then i make some drinks to bring back where i find the girl finishing up my convo from earlier !!!!!!!!!!! I left AOL instant messenger open and she saw the mutual friend and decided to check it out! What could i do? I acted like it wasnt a thing and said oh, did u like that? and went on like nothing happened. Well it seemed to work, other than me NOT closing. It was like other times i hadnt closed but still got all kinds of IOI. WAs she just not into first night? Was it the convo?

    WE hung out all day sunday and i felt like things were going great, i should have tried to close again before she went home! The next morning i got a text from the girl at her normal wake up time that asked how i was feeling. I texted her back later that day insulting some of the things shed done in a funny way but havent got a reply in 2 days. How could that convo not have crushed me? Where do i stand now? I crushed myself bad, i know it, but i brushed it off and may have salvaged my ability to close with this HB! At this point im going to wait until she texts me back and go on with the show as normal.
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