I hate it when I think of doing things after the moment has passed! Twice this week already. The first was a girl waving at me from the opposite train, who I coulda leaped for like a guy in a jeans commercial.
I recently have been going to this coffee shop in my new neighborhood, on my days off work, to catch up on emails, hobbies, shit like that. There is an abundance of 8's, 9's, and 10's around here, with help of the cool restaurants and shops around.
Today, as I was walking up, I saw a girl flipping her car around, parking it, then she made deliberate eye contact with me. Then, when i went inside to order my cup of joe, she entered, making the second eye lock with me, at which point I should've said something like "oh hey didn't we make some awkward eye contact outside?" In a cocky funny way like I said earlier.
It wouldn't have been a big deal. Instead, I froze, my mind blanked, and all I could do was smile and turn- bs!
This girl looked a bit older, smart and sexy, so I was probably a little taken by that.
I've been seeing a girl off and on for a few months now too- but I can tell it's not really evolving- we're sorta just friends with benefits. It's def cool and we have fun hangin out, but I gotta pull in some new prospects.
My bar and club game has been going alright too, but this coffee shop thing has to change- anybody had good luck with that? It's like people are in there own little bubbles at coffee shops, and it's not always easy to throw out a simple opener.

That's my rant, thanks for any advice!