I'm an AFC.
So there is a HB7.5 i met in our group of friends witch i liked and for 2months or so we used to hang out with our group every day so we saw eachother daily.I had oneitis for this HB7.5 i told her i love her and bla bla bla and she said we cant be more then friends because she saw no tentation to be with me.(i was broken hearted for 3 weeks or so)
Finally i had no more feelings for this girl...And after that we kinda broke the friendship ,from seeing eachother everyday we saw 3 times in a month and a half.
Today i met her and she smilies and talking all the time to me,after we got alone only 2 of us she keeps saying she misses getting out with us and blablabla things like that,I dont really have any feelings for her not anymore atleast.
Just want to know if i can game her?
Should i try to game her now that im not a totally AFC?
How should i do it?

Waiting for advices