Hey guys, I know this is a very different, more philosophical question but it is something I've been thinking about recently. While game does not have to be about getting same night lays and hookups, a lot of what we talk about is building sexual attention and attraction to make women want to have sex with us. Some of us are in the game to get laid, have girlfriends, meet that special girl and get married, or just be more social and confident with women.

I am not making any moral judgment here: I respect everyone's personal choice to pursue what they want in life. That said, I wonder if constantly going out and trying to get laid, or pursuing relationships that have a purely sexual aim (dating a girl mainly for the possibility of having sex with her later) can lead to a sort of addiction, in which sex permeates our thoughts all day long.

For me (I'm in my mid-early 20s by the way), I've just assumed that playing the field and getting laid is just something us guys do during this stage of our lives, that it is totally natural, and that once we get older we will be ready to settle down with the right woman. But sometimes I wonder if I will be able to do that, whether or not how compatible a woman is with me can eventually become a top priority, and not just focus on how good the sex is. Right now, I find myself dating girls and thinking "man, can we just pay the check and get back to my place" all the time. It's hard for me imagine spending tons of time with a woman, going shopping together, cooking for each other, and all of that stuff. I wonder if I am becoming addicted to the sexual dimension of interacting with women.

Anyone on the forums is welcome to chime in, I'd be interested in hearing some opinions from people who have had their fair share of random play but also had some relationship experience as well. See you guys around the forums.