I had a great experience in the field last night. It all started by walking into a local bar that happens to have a very active dance floor on the weekends. I usually will hit the spot at around 11:00-11:30 because that is the time it begins to pick up. I was able to go with my buddy (He is currently an AFC) and and glance over the floor. There was three AM’s acting like they owned the floor and trying to impress HB4’s because of the slim picking. As the place started to populate all the sudden a solid HB9 sits at the bar.

I decided to take my friend and a small group of people who followed us over to the “VIP” area of the bar and started really getting the group riled up in a great conversation. Through all the laughing it had attracted the HB9 to our tables. She had “Though a friend was over by us”. I quickly told her that I didn’t think so, but quickly asked for her name, told her I had a bet with my friend that I could read a person without knowing them and progressed into “The Cube” routine (Has worked 9/10 times to demonstrate value.) during the routine Keno ran rampant and there was a lot of leg touching, which followed to hugging, and then to kissing. By the end of the conversation she had even shared a drink that I didn’t even buy her.
At the end of the night I was able to number close without ever asking for the number formally and solidified myself to the AFC that all of this really does work.

So I guess my question is...when should I text her, and how should it go? Don't want to fumble on this one. I met her Saturday night...so I see monday being the contact day?