Okay here's the story.

I was at the pool hall 2 Fridays ago, and saw a really cute dirty blonde there. There were 2 other girls there that aren't ugly, but really aren't attractive at all. All 3 of them were staring at me, so I figured they all we're attracted. I got BB (bitch butterflies). I didn't talk to hr that week. The next week (last friday), they came again, and I got BB again, but they went over and was playing with a couple guys next to us. Somehow they ended up at our table, and I was playing it pretty well. But I made a mistake. I started staring at the cute blonde with that (I wanna Fuck you) stare. I think she took it as desperate idk...well I got the short ones number, but the one I like doesn't have a phone so I couldn't get her number.. so we went over to her house that night and I was a total ass hole to the unattractive one, and totally flirted with the other one. I can't tell if the Blondie has any attraction toward me but i wanted advice on making that blonde go crazy over me... Never had to juggle 2 girls at once, help would be nice..