hey guys, my first post here so excuse me if i muck up. I was first introduced to the PUA lifestyle about 6 years ago and though i had generally good luck with the ladies before that, the game helped me tune my skills further.

Ive recently had a problem i didnt get to read or learn about much, a solid relationship. this is my first ever long term relationship with a girl i pickedup and really liked. its about to be a year now. To the point, my problem is that somewhere in the middle i dropped the game and gave her too much attention. I now feel she is getting bored and i really dont want to let this one go.

Now, iam by profession a pilot and spend most of my time away from my home city, which means i only get to see her once or twice a month. When we are together theres no problem. We keep in touch via emails and texts and ive started noticing her begining to be distant. She has also hinted a few times very recently that maybe we should take a break but when i ask if shes serious about it she changes the topic.

Now i really dont want to fuck this up so ive come to you guys for help. how do i make it intresting again? how do i hook her back on?

thanks for your time ^.^