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    Default Opportunity just presented itself.

    Ok, so I'm somewhat new to the bay area here in California.
    Just moved here from VA.
    I've been here for 6 ish months, and have hit the clubs in San Jose a few times, I had one memorable encounter, but that's it.
    I had two girls eyeing me, half discretely, just carrying conversation amongst themselves.
    I could tell they were looking over, and they were my 'type', my only pickyness is for thin/skinny girls.
    Face/chest/butt aren't factors to me at all.
    So I look over back at them and make eye contact once, then not again after, so as to put off the image that I saw and acknowledged them, but was not intrigued enough to pursue.
    I continue drinking my beer and with the last big swig, I walk over to the trash can at the bar where They greet Me.
    Long story short I danced with the single one of the two of them all night, nothing really good at all (no contact), buying her drinks all night hoping that will help her get closer.
    Nothing comes out of it.
    I help them get a ride home cuz they're trashed, and they constantly tell me how good a guy I am for taking care of them.
    I went out one more time since them and have had zero luck.
    Since not going out for a couple months, I've been going to massage parlors to get my fix, but I just got a call from the club saying they chose me for free bottle service for a night.
    I'm willing to check out the club scene again, but if I'm again unsuccessful, I may not be back for a while.
    I'm willing to do pretty much whatever I have to, to be successful at picking up a girl.
    I have $$$$, and have no problem buying drinks all night, and wouldn't think twice about paying for a nice hotel room if she was down. (I live far from the club and live with a family member)
    I'm a moderately good looking guy and I have a decent body, not ripped, but work out regularly and am athletic and very toned.
    I drive a pretty new Mustang GT vert.
    I wear expensive clothes when I go out (Express Jeans and top + leather belt and shoes), coming to near $200, and often before I go out, I spend over a hundred dollars for a top notch hair cut and eyebrow waxing.
    Please let me know what I have to do.

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    zlostsoul is offline Aspiring PUA
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    Default Re: Opportunity just presented itself.

    hey buddy, have you readup on some of the materials here? You should apply PUA techniques. Your encounter the other night could have unfolded differntl if youd have tried different things. Dont wait for her to make contact, you can as easily initiate it yourself. Try sime KINO or other techniques. Your story doesnt have many details in it but i see you could have taken a differnt path a couple of times.
    I just read an article here myself and though i agree its a little outadated, maybe itll help you understand where you went wrong.
    As for picking up, its all about experience, so dont stop goign out and trying whenever you can.
    P.S. Dont buy the ladies drinks, try and get them to buy you drinks. Works better that way ;D

    check this out:

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