So I had talked to this cute chick who works at gamestop and she seem very receptive. My buddy was with me at the time, left us to talk like the good friend he is. I never got her number though and regretted it because I most likely could have. Anyway I was doing some christmas shopping with my family today and we ended up going back to the gamestop and low and behold the cute girl was working there.
Before I continue I should mention my family is embarassing to say the least. I won't get into the details because really they were just petty little things that added up and made the night more difficult than it needed to be.
So I'm still a newbie when it comes to the girls thing and I tried starting conversation with her but she wasn't receptive at all. She honestly seemed like she was in a bad mood too. Now that I think about it I probably could've used that to my advantage but I never think of the right thing to say until after the moment has passed.
Tonight was frustrating. And I blanked out when I had a chance to talk to her. What should I say next time I see her?