With practice and study my game has improved a lot. Even without a wing, I regularly meet and score with increasingly hot women in bars and lounges in cities like New York and San Francisco. But I have never had any success meeting and scoring in Vegas.
I'm not sure but I think my biggest problem is finding good hunting grounds in Vegas.
The big clubs have some hot chicks but are very noisy and crowded. It is nearly impossible to talk to women and there seems to be 4 guys surrounding every stray woman that wanders on the dance floor. Many seem to be with boyfriends. In other cases, groups of cute but super bitchy chicks form the tightest most impenetrable dance circles I have ever seen.
I have tried the various hotel bars in the middle of the casinos but usually only find guys or couples there. Other venues like Cleopatraís Barge, the Rockhouse, the beer pong places, and the live music place outside of Harrahís seem good but I rarely find any talent of the quality I would hit on in NY and SF. Mainly cougars and women who could lose a few pounds dancing.
The groups of cute chicks in the tight dresses walking down the strip have the most attitude Iíve ever seen. Maybe my sidewalk game isnít good but I have no success opening with them. They seem like bitchy lesbian princesses of Vegas whenever I talk to them. Even if I can get a few words in, they usually leave quickly in a pack.
Iíve also tried looking for tables with cute chicks playing blackjack but almost never find them. Finally, the pool parties usually seem to be packed with unfriendly mixed groups. I not in bad shape but also donít have the beach body of the other guys there and feel out of place in the pool.
Vegas is supposed to be a magical land for hooking up but I never have any success there. Is it just me? Can you offer any advice?
Thank you!