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    Default Need help with next step of facebook game

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick intro about me: I've known about PUA for a awhile and read several articles on it. I know the rules/techniques but have trouble applying them.
    n ways...back to my main questions.

    I met this girl at a work function ( we work different days so this is the first time I've seen her). She was at least an 8.5. When a few co-workers left i shifted over and sat opposite her. After a while she began conversation with me ( you know the basic which year of uni? age? etc)

    Whenver the convo stopped, I tried to reintiate it after a while. She leaned forward in response and tried to reply ( problem was she often gave up--we were sitted near speakers and could not hear each other at all). Although when she replied, she often did with a smile.

    Asking for her facebook( FB) was on the tip of my tongue--but didn't want to seem weird infront of my employer who was sitted near her. Well about 3 days later I added her on FB and well she accepted.

    Problem is now I don't know the next step. She doesnt show up as "online" on FB. Should i post on her wall or should i inbox message her? What should i say? Should i mention something about her holidays? (She's on holidays at the moment) or would the straightway put me in the dreaded "friend zone")

    PS: Sorry for the long post and any help is highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Need help with next step of facebook game

    Writing on her wall is ok, I would send her a message, tease her about something, preferably something from your past interaction, otherwise pick something off her profile picture "what's with that hat gangster?"
    A message is a little stronger too. Let her respond, wait a day, then you can say like "hey I didn't get your number last time, we should do x when you get back"
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