This is what I posted the other day:
Well I have been Texting this girl for about a week now. We have been friends for about 3-4 years now. We hung out off and on during the summer but a few days ago she said I miss you we need to hang out soon give me your number because I got a new phone! We have been texting since which was a week ago. She starts just about every conversation except for maybe 1 that I have. She wants to hang out and watch movies and go to the mall and stuff but idk if she is interested or not. It seems like it, she is a very outgoing person. Maybe you could help me and secure this.

Recently we are still texting but it doesn't seem like it used to be. Idk if it is because she is busy for the holidays or way but she doesn't seem as fun as she was. We were in school during the fun period. Good things though are when I say something she usually wants an explanation. Usually when girls are bored with you they don't ask for one when you are texting correct me if I am wrong. How can I get her to hang out how should I ask. Maybe I can setup my convo to ask her to hang out, or even make her offer. Also I have been reading up and I am not sure what these dating terms are such as Neg and stuff could someone explain these words to me.