There is this Taiwanese girl at work on a 6 month placement. She has already had 5 months of her placement, and has one month left before her visa expires and she has to go back to Taiwan.

From pretty much straight away we liked each other and there was mild flirting. Though, because it was in work and Iím inexperienced, I didnít pursue it as strongly as I should have. Over the few months, we had gone for a meal after work once, and also a drink after a day trip out (never tried the kiss close). There has also been plenty of kino both ways and flirting. Though, there must have been 3 times when over the few months I asked (text) her to do something on the weekend, and twice she said she was busy visiting a friend in another part of the country or going to a festival, but that she did really want to meet up and we would do so when weíre both free. On one occasion she didnít reply. Though, because of conflicting schedules and that recently she has been extremely busy completing her dissertation as part of her degree (she is a mature student on a work placement), we still havenít gone out. (she completed it last week finally)

In the last few weeks the flirting has become much more than mild to the point of blatantly obvious in front of everyone. There is loads of teasing, laughing and her playfully hitting me all the time. My manager has mentioned to me that several people have made comments about this girl and me flirting. A couple of my mates that I work with even said that weíre both flirting a lot with each other, so when am I going to make a move?

So now Iím not sure how strongly to pursue it. Iím waiting for her to invite me to do something instead of me inviting her all the time (she has only invited me once which was for the meal after work I mentioned earlier). More worryingly, though, is that on a work night out last week, my mate/colleague was talking to her and asking if she has a bf, and suggested that she should go out with me (he told me this afterwards). Apparently, she said she wouldnít because Iím always joking all the time and never serious. The irony is that I never wanted to end up in that dreaded friend zone (bad experience!), so I was trying to keep the attraction up with teasing and flirting.

How do I play it from here? Do I suddenly become more serious etc?

Do I balls up and go for it?

She only has one month to go so I might as well give it a shot, but the really annoying this is that I canít believe I have let it descend into this situation after so much promise early on. I really thought I had turned a corner in my PUA journey and I wouldnít be that same AFC as before, but this seems to be an all too familiar situation for me now.

Perhaps, I should invite her to do something on Boxing Day while we both have free days?

Thanks all.