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    Unhappy HELP!! How can i rebuild my inner game!?

    Hey all,

    Real quick here is some background :
    college student
    decent looking dude
    used to be great with females...

    Okay ill try to explain this in a nutshell. So okay i used to be pretty good with females, was confident, could easily build rapport. But a few years ago this shrink i was seeing start presribing me all this stuff for anxiety and depression(was way overpresribing) specifically valium, and it totally ruined my life. so about a year ago i finally got off all of it.
    it changed me as a person, when i first got off i was a incredibly unsatisfied with my myself and life, so i have spent the last 12 months rebuilding myself. Now that i have my mind and appearance back to a decent point i feel i am finally ready to get back in the game.

    However, though i say that, im still not a where i would like to be as far as confidence and inner game. The forum has a ton of great info, which i plan to do a lot of reading of.

    I was hoping an expert could perhaps recommend a book specifically for this(inner game and confidence?
    Also a book that would be good for building rapport with females, any recommendations?
    Where would be the best place to start?

    there are just so many PUA books and i thought the great ppl on this forum could throw a brother some advice.

    Thanks SOOOO much!!

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    Default Re: HELP!! How can i rebuild my inner game!?

    Dude I know exactly how you feel. I am in the same exact position, which honestly is why I am here. Minus the Benzodiazepines. I was in prison for about a 1 year, and started having the onset of bipolar disorder.(It's not just mood swings you see and hear sh1t that isn't real, NOT FUN.) So not only did I not have any contact with women for a year, but now I struggle with almost every single social interaction imaginable.

    But anyways you should try to think back recognize what worked for you before. You'll be able to get most of your swagger back. But as far as recommended products you should check out Pandora's Box, it's works great, me and some friends picked it up after watching an old high school friend pick up girl after girl at a party one night. And this guy used to be the epitome of no game, he hadn't even kissed a girl til he was 18, he told us about it. However I've found it's a much greater system for keeping a girl around but has a lot of great info about women and approaching. From the girls I've talked to a lot of the info is very accurate. I've gotten a lot of "OMG how come no other guys understand that about me!?" I've seen some of the sample videos from Stealth Attraction and from what I've seen it's pretty good, especially for night game, but a lot of the material can be used in day game too.
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