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    Default Help need with oneitis cure

    So I'm a university student, I'm pretty social and get on well with women but I keep falling into the trap of developing oneitis. Currently I need your advice!

    So the situation as it stands is, I'm friends with this girl on my course and whenever were in person were really friendly and a bit flirty, everytime I text her though she either doesn't text back or its related to our course or if we do start to text its often short and doesn't really create anything special! So pretty much im in that position where its me texting her and I hate getting into a habbit of having two consecutive texts etc!

    What would your advice be, probably good to mention I've read the game but apart from that a bit of a newbie to be honest! Do I just stop texting competely, in which what if she just stops texting etc?! I know the easiest way to get over it is to get under more people, and come new years touch wood that'll be happening but if I generally wanted to progress things with this lady what would you all do if you were me!

    Thanks for the help muchachos!

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    Default Re: Help need with oneitis cure

    Yea stop texting for a while. And follow the general rules of text games. Wait a few hours to respond back

    In this case since she's been so selective to you you need to show disinterest in texts, wait a day occasionally to respond, ignore some entirely, or ignore her last replies
    The more and the quicker you text her the more interest it shows, you need to make her pursue you again
    I'm guessing she's used to getting attention so If you send some mixed signals she will wonder why you aren't giving her more attention and start pursuing you for it

    I've had difficulty text gaming some girls so I've stopped and opened em again after like 10 days if they havent responded and sparked interest again. Not guaranteed but if you show too much unreciprocated interest you risk losing the hook entirely

    Oh and please please don't text with traditional "how are you today" stuff, when you text be different / unique / funny / interesting

    There are tons of other posts on good texts if that's your sticking point I can try to point you to a few of my favorites

    Yes it's going to suck until you really do have other options but for now you need to pretend like you do, makes you more valuable
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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