Im not sure what to do because Iím not sure what this girl wants.

Iíve been hanging out with this HB9 for a while now. Iíve know her for a while but she came to one of my open mic performances and ever since weíve been really hitting it off.

She seemed in to me and I was going to make some sort of move but then I found out that she has a boyfriend and is going to visit him in New Jersey for about two weeks. We live in Idaho, damn right?

Well the first thing she does when she gets back is text me. (I didnít even give her my number yet so she must have got it from someone). So we hung out a few times last week and Iíve definitely felt strong vibes between us. I still havenít made a move because her mom has been staying with her. For me, its tough enough to just impress the girl let alone her mom too.

This week Iím trying to no go over or anything because I donít want to make myself too available. (Sheís going to see me at my next performance on the 1st of January anyways) At the same time Iím confused because she still does have a boyfriend and keeps hitting me up.
I say go for it because her boyfriend lives in New Jersey. Iím not too sure itíll work out.

Iím not sure if I gave enough information but am I in the ďfriend zoneĒ already? Should I tell her how I feel about her? Should I just go for the kiss close and hope for the best?
If I could get some help it would be greatly appreciated.