So Iíve been hanging out with this girl for awhile now and Iím starting to like her more than a friend. I have definitely shown interest in her and I think she likes me as well.

She initiates convos by sending textís like ďhope your day is wellĒ which leads to fun convoís while Iím at work. Weíve cooked meals together for us and friends. When we go out people think thereís something between us.

Anyways, she has a boyfriend in New Jersey but Im not sure what going on with that because she never talks about him.
Iím not sure if she wants anything more than friends but I donít want to pass up an opportunity.

I would like to just tell her how I feel but I donít know how I should say it?
I know it should just come natural but Iíve never been good at telling women how I feel about them.
Any suggestion?