I met this girl at the club a few weeks ago, we danced and we made out. I got her # and texted her after I left. She told me that she would be at the club again next week. I ran into her again a week later and we partied together all night. I texted her a day later and we agreed to get some dinner but she ditched out last second but asked me to go out to the club with her later that night. I told her I wasnt sure if I could make it because I had work early the next morning but I got kinda desperate and said Ill go anyway. After thinking it over I felt really awkward and realized how desperate I sounded and got a weird vibe from her and she started taking long to respond to my texts so I cancelled on going to the club and didnt get a reply back after that. Its been a few days since but I want to hang out with her this weekend since she leaves next week. what should I do? Is there any way to recover from this?