Started in this art a month ago after a LTR where I noticed I changed during it.

Over the 4-5 weeks, I've went out 2-3 times a week to game. Met a good wing/friend Red Baron who has been candid of my work. It has allowed for improvement.

Results: I've gotten several numbers, 8-10 K-closes, and 2-Fcloses. But feel there are great results that can be accomplished and the process hasn't been fully developed.

My problem exist in putting the entire process together. I have yet to feel I totally owned a set from open to a successful close where it went smoothly. I've worked hard on individual areas, such as opening (opinion openers work well for me), transitioning, gambits, role playing, future projecting, inner game, not showing interest, teasing, setting up a date and # closing, taking charge by leading, push-pulling, body language, false qualifiers.

I'm starting to learn what works for me. But how do I put it all together smoothly and understanding micro calibration to lead everything in the right direction with out hitting rocky patches. Does it just click eventually with more experience or am I just missing a key ingredient?