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    Default Would like some help regarding hottie from club

    Hey everyone, I'll try and keep this as short and direct as possible.
    Three weeks ago I met this girl at the club I work at. Hot girl and seemed like a very good sport. I got her number, spoke to her a bit via text messages and we scheduled the next day at the coffee shop. She flaked 2 hours before and apologized because she had something important to take care of, BUT she rescheduled. So, next time we met, and it was fun times. Built attraction, and after the meeting she wanted to reschedule again, so we did. She flaked a 2nd and 3rd time on me, always apologizing and always rescheduling. We met again, took her home, made out with her, but she was afraid of sex. I was ok with that. She left with a big smile on her face, but feeling a bit akward i guess due to the fact that we had just been making out and her dry humpin me for an hour but exits with a "cya" as if she had just met me. Anyway, thats when it all started. That same week, she ditched me a 5th time and I stopped talking to her, so she drove to my house and apologized in person. That night, she spent 60 bucks on a cab just to come see me DJ, but, for some reason was very jealous of all the girls dancing in the booth so she left with an attitude. You know.. the whole "oh i didnt wanna bother you and the girls dancing" attitude.
    She called me after i was done work and i explained to her "its part of my job, those girls mean nothing to me bla bla bla", i cold hear her smerk on the phone, i guess she was liking what she was hearing.

    quick note here: even though i was getting ditched, this girl would constantly ditch me and tell me things like "i wish i was in ur bed with u right now" or "can i sleep over tommorow?"... but would never sleep over..

    Anyhow.. From that day forward, we rescheduled to see eachother before xmas. I got ditched again. Then the week of xmas, we reschedule and the girl actually says "i really wanna see u tommorow...can we do tommorow instead of wednesday?"
    Me, thinking "well she did pay 60 bucks to see me, i guess i can make an exception here", so i agree.
    guess what, got ditched again..
    Since then, she barely texts me, and when she does, its like shes a completely different person. I mean one cold hearted bitch. As if she is god's gift to men and as if she uses me for attention or something.

    So to conclude here, i stopped texting her 5 days ago. "happy new year handsome" was the text i got from her on new years, kinda just answered "u too".
    And last night I just put a stop to everything when she texted me with self loathing bullsh1t. I literally just busted her balls "you just love the attention dont ya? ", her response "oh ya totally, but didnt u get my joke???" , Myself: "yup. u better smarten up tho", her "i do what i waaaaanT" , myself: "awe how cute uve been using that attitude since u were two years old. You didnt get away with it then, and certainly arent getting away with it now." , her: "hmmm feisty boy" , myself: " u have no idea , gotta run now ttyl" , her: "peace out boy scout"

    So after you guys get the picture here of what shes pulling, my question is, is this the best way to go about doing things or should i be handling her another way? I mean, i really dont have an idea at this moment if I should just ignore her for a couple of days or if I should re engage in conversation...

    any input would be appreciated.

    thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Would like some help regarding hottie from club

    Don't re-engage. Let her come to you, but make her work for it.
    At some point I'd bring it up, next time she wants to see you, tell her
    "you're cool but you keep on flaking on me, how bout call me tomorrow and I'll let you know If I'm free"
    Make it be on your terms if you don't already have plans
    You can't be dramatic or whiney about it, just let her know you have better things to do with your time

    She keeps disrespecting and flaking because you let her and so far she's known you'll still be there when she wants you. Huge dlv on your part. Your observations about her attention are correct she 100% wants validation, so make her work for it but reward her when she does
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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