hi guys! could you help me with some advices? i picked up a girl to a party. she was drunk, and i was too. we kissed and nearly we fucked, but she had to go home. i took her number, and i called her next day. she seem disinteresed, so i tried to make her interesed in me. it didn't work. but i realized why it didn't work. i was in love with her. i did some bad jokes. i tried to talk with her later. she told me that she doesn't want any relationship, she want short relationeship at parties, cause she had a deception, and she doesn't want to go through this. i want to make her interested in me. in general, i easy approach girls, but i falled in love, and this makes me see her as a ideal girl for me(that kind of girl that makes me feel like i'm "flying") , and i don't want to miss her)(the problem is that i don't see her as a prey). what advices could you give me?(sorry if i made grammar mistakes, i speak english well, but not very well)