Hi, heres some backgrond info

I met girl at work function ( she was attractive+intellige nt and popular if her # of facebook (FB) friends are an indicator of that). Well talked to her a bit on that day (general "get to know you" question). Forgot to get her FB, looked her up and added her. She accepted pretty soon.
She is now on holidays.

A week after i sent the following message.
Hi HB,

How's "place of her holiday" going?

-" My name"

HB ( replies the next day)
hey "My name!"
its all good thanks just spending heaps of time with the family.. going to "second destination" soon!can u let "the boss" know that ill be back on "month date" and i would prefer to be working the same days i was before i went away. ie day and day (just until i find out my uni timetable!) how are u?

I reply (the day after her reply)
"second destination"--that sounds like heaps of fun, is that going to be a "pure holiday" or do you have family there too? I think "the boss" already knows when you will be back but I'll let him know anyway XD, and I've been pretty busy, just been helping parents renovate the house.

Its been about 5 days and she hasn't replied yet ( I know she's been online so she's seen my message). Can someone analyse the small chat and tell me where I stuffed up? Also how would I re-engage her interest/get her to reply again. I was thinking passing on her message to the boss and use that as an excuse to talk to her again ( or is that a bit too AFC?).

PS: We still don't know each other that well so its still a bit soon to get a # or ask for a date.

Anyhelp is appreciated.